Studio J

Friday, May 27, 2011

Love your layout with Studio J

Close to My Heart has created fun videos to show some Studio J techniques. In the first one you learn how to add a mat to a photo in order to highlight the picutre, use the Quick Title Tool and how to layer Stickease using the software. Watch the first Love your Layout video here it is only about 3 minutes!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the techniques!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Studio J Boot Camp Rock(s)!

I had the privilege of attending Studio J Boot Camp this week in Salt Lake City and learned a TON of new techniques for online memory preservation. Oh yes and it was sooooo fun and felt a bit like boot camp after that first day of 15 hours in front of the are the gorgeous (if I do say so myself) results:

Above we layered the title. These pages show Oliver, Eloise and Xander exploring the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson..."What? They had to get water out of the ground?!"

Above we are all at Agua Linda Farms in Amado, AZ looking for pumpkins, flowers and all things fall.

Above Eloise and Oliver had their faces painted at the mall on family day and were sooooo proud of the disguise.

Above are photos taken a year ago when Scarlet was born...last Mother's Day in fact! That is my brother, sister in law and baby Scarlet. My parents and the kids and I are in the smaller photos.

Above are the title page and the back page for the the photos don't necessarily match. What fun rain in desert can be.

Above we are back at Agua cool is that picture with the hay stack mountain! Easy technique; just drop your photo into the wells same picture 4 photo wells, then increase the size of each one to at least 200% adjust the position and sit back to appreciate your mad artistic skills! :)

The kids first Build A Bear experience (all cell phone pictures)!

Can you guess which kit this is???? ALL the colors have been changed. Had to have Chocolate to highlight our trip to Gilbert Chocolates at Ackerson Lake. Leave a comment with your guess and I can send a goodie to the winner!

The princess Eloise had fun with the baby frogs last fall. Don't worry we always washed our hands thoroughly after each frog find!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Studio J Bootcamp

Today I am in Utah, impatiently awaiting the start of bootcamp. :)

We will be learning the ins and outs of using this software and I will have sooooo many cool tips to teach when I return.

Stay tuned for pictures of the layouts, video tutorials and more studio scrapbooking fun.