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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Use up the scraps and make barrettes!

I learned this project from Jody Peck and I have no idea who gave her the idea but it is FABULOUS!

At school there is a "carnival" tomorrow and I will be selling these cute barrettes....if I can bear to let them go!

They range in size from 3" diameter to over 6" diameter the back is just a simple clip from Sally's beauty supply. Just use up all the leftover embellishments from past projects and have at it. I did order some of the clearanced "Big Pinks" from my website to fill in the gaps. You can make a ribbon base or a flower base. You can even just use paper but I wasn't feeling I ever feel patient? So I didn't want to take time to fold paper into ribbon...another day.

I have to go pick up something for supper so I have to post some more pics later!

Happy Scappin'!

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